multidisciplinary creative

Oh I See
Video Editing & Storytelling
Life presents a myriad of moments. ‘Oh I See’ juxtaposes the good and the bad. The fleeting glimpses of clips parallel the inexorable chaos and pace of our lives. There is a stark contrast between controversy and harmony that is eternally present and never absent. Entity and theory hold hands and stroll down our paths. We are intoxicated by the good that we often disregard the bad. We are so attentive to inconsequential whether tangible or theoretical that we cannot divide what is mental from the essential; The ornamental and the detrimental. Our vision is what allows us to acknowledge these things. We consciously witness the good and evil set ablaze, so do we sit and watch idly or react...

Our eyes are said to be a window to the soul. Presented to you is a window. Is it transparent enough? Can you see your reflection?