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5 Works Of Music Video Art That Belong In A Gallery

          Da Vinci and Michaelangelo might’ve defined the renaissance with artwork nobody could touch, but today’s musical artists are also making iconic visuals that are definitely worthy of hanging in a gallery. And we are here for it...

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Childish Gambino Drops Two Hot Summer Songs

        Childish Gambino is officially the MVP of the summer season. “This Is America” was a hot take that had everyone sweating, now he’s back with two chillwave singles “Summertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer,” collectively entitled the Summer Pack...

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Lights Covered Every Song On Side B Of Drake’s ‘Scorpion’

            It’s Canadian-ception. Lights just produced, engineered, and performed covers for the entirety of Drake’s Scorpion side B that’ll make you even more emotional than the original...

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Charli XCX Defends Rita Ora And Responds To ‘Girls’ Criticism

            Earlier this month, Rita Ora enlisted the girl power Cardi B, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha and debuted their collaboration, “Girls.” Following heavy criticism, Charli XCX is the latest to respond and defend the track...

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5 Seconds Of Summer’s ‘Want You Back’ Sims Edition Is A Bop

          5 Seconds of Summer’s newly released track, “Wee Foo Black,” will make you nostalgic about your past love and distant childhood. No, “Wee Foo Black” is not a glitch in the system—it’s the version of 5SOS’ hit single “Want You Back” recorded for The Sims 4: Seasons Expansion. Life really is a simulation...

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7 Artists Who Started From The Bottom (Now They’re At The iHeartRadio MMVAs)

        Before they were bonafide superstars taking on the grand iHeartRadio MMVAs stage, they were just kids trying to make it. Going from fetus status to grown-up real quick, these musicians started out recording from their bedrooms before they ever made it big. Their humble beginnings prove that anything is possible when you have a dream. From viral video veterans to contest-winning sensations, check out the iHeartRadio MMVAs celebrities as we revisit their ghosts of Internet past...

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All The Times The iHeartRadio MMVAs Women Were Feminist Badasses

            2018 Has been a year of wins for women. Whether it’s the united organization of the Women’s March, the emboldened voices of #MeToo and #TimesUp, or the inclusivity of female on-screen representation, we’ve seen various victories. Feminism has evolved into the mainstream as conversations are being reframed with diversity in mind and social media has effectively mobilized generations of girls and women. Gender equality is being galvanized, and the iHeartRadio MMVAs women are harnessing this energy. Here are a few of the times they’ve championed women’s empowerment...

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Exclusive interview with MasterChef Canada's youngest winner, Beccy Stables

          The intensity of MasterChef Canada reached a pinnacle with finalists Andy Hay and Beccy Stables competing to win the $100 000 prize, official trophy, and life-changing title. Ultimately, it was the unprecedented skill of the youngest home cook to ever compete, Beccy Stables, that declared her winner. The 19-year-old British tile setter assistant from Sherwood Park, Alberta demonstrated outstanding talent beyond her years and reigned superior...

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the effects of instagram on restaurant branding efforts

          This research study will focus on the impacts that the social media application Instagram has on the ways in which restaurants develop and promote their brands. The topic is relevant to professionals in the restaurant industry, such as restaurant owners and marketers, in that it will allow them to understand the forces at play that shape their strategy and operations. It may also be of interest to individuals that participate in ‘foodie culture’ and Instagram, as it will provide insights into ubiquitous experiences that are rarely considered in an analytical manner. The report will summarize the problem at hand, relevant literature, research methodology, as well as present and analyze three key insights which have emerged.

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From Dora The Explorer to Internet Explorer: I Grew Up On The Internet

          “I made Twitter when I was 10.”
“I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious?”...

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